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Armenia has 3 destinations for "in the piste" skiing:

1) Tsaghkadzor ski resort

2) The ropeway next to “Akhtamar hotel” on the coast of Sevan

3) Jermuk’s ropeway

Tsaghkadzor ski resort rises up to 2,820 meters (9,260 feet) above sea level, with a skiable vertical drop of 850 meters (2,790 feet). The piste has suitable trails for beginners & professionals, for alpine skiers and snowboarders. Off the piste skiing is also possible.. The ski season starts from early December and end in early April; however, the best time is in January & February. You can rent the full gear from the resort.

Half-day ski-pass costs around 15 USD; day pass: 25 USD; 2-days pass: 32 USD; 3-days pass: 48 USD; 1 month pass: 270 USD; season pass: 515 USD.

No need to get worried about the accommodation, there is a variety of options in Tsaghkadzor including hotels and cottages.

Tsaghkadzor ski resort is a training destination for national ski teams from the Caucasus.

Unlike Tsaghkadzor, ski resorts in Sevan and Jermuk are not yet well-equipped but still interesting for off the piste skiing.

Shall you not only look for an ordinary skiing conditions, Armenia is the best destination to take off the road and ski down-hill accompanied with amazing scenery.

Mt. Aragats

Mt. Aragats offers several interesting directions for off-road skiing: four summits and dozens of scenarios to ski down-hill.

You can take snowmobiles up to the Stone Lake at 3200 meters, then to the Southern summit. You can ski down to the crossroad of Amberd or choose more intricate but more interesting direction, skiing through Southern and Western slopes down to the crater, then to Gegharot waterfall and along the Gegharot River to Gegharot village. It is advised to be accompanied by a guide.
Ski season in Mt. Aragats may even last till end of June.

Mt. Aragats - South Summit

Mt. Ara, Mt. Hatis, Gutanasar

The above mountains are few kilometers away from each other and the distance from Yerevan is not more than an hour. Almost all slopes are suitable to ski down hill; this will give you an opportunity to have a wide range of paths with different complexity and lengths. The only option to get to the top and ski down is to hike with your gear on.

Mt. Ara - Ara LerMt. Gutanasar

Mt. Geghama

Geghama is one of the most amazing destinations to bring hiking, jeeping and skiing all together in multi-day or even one-day trips. The ski season may even last till July in case of a good snow-fall.

You can start from Sevaberd village of Abovyan town and finish in the coastal villages of Sevan or back to Sevaberd. This is just an option out of several others you have on Geghama Mountains.
For more details you can contact the administrator. 

Geghama Mountains 

Tsaghkadzor to Aghveran

If you adore walking and sliding along wild areas and on soft snow-covered paths and it’s not in your plans to go as high as Aragats, then there is a good option for you. You will get to the top of Tsaghkadzor ski resort with the ropeway, up to the 3rd station and ski down from the opposite side to Aghveran village and get back to Tsaghkadzor by car. The same option is also possible alongside the roadway from the 3rd ropeway to Hanqavan.

Mt. Ishkhanasar, Mt. Ughtasar

These two mountains which are next to each other are not far from Ishkhanasar village in Syunik region, perfect destinations for quick and long down-hilling. Ughtasar Lake and 7000 year-old pentoglyphs will cast an ancient breath on your way and make it more memorable. You can get to the top of Ishkhanasar even by car in case the road is accessible, otherwise you will have to hike to the top. In this case, you will have to be prepared for a 2-days plan.

Mt. Artanish

Artanish is located in Gegharkunikon district, on north-eastern shore of Lake Sevan with a 2461m height. The view from the summit of Artanish is amazing. Its summit is the only place from which you can see the whole Lake Sevan. Artanish also promises an interesting down hill skiing for off the piste skiers.

Mt. Artanish