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Armenia, land of rocks and cliffs, where people used to climb high to their homes in caves or above the cliffs. Rock climbing has spread roots in Armenian history; however, as a sport, first efforts were made during the Soviet Union.

With the development of the tendency towards mountaineering and hiking, a considerable step forward was also taken towards development of rock climbing in Armenia. Now a days, there are several groups and clubs organizing both indoor and outdoor climbing classes and climbs. Annual climbing events and competitions organized are proofs of this trend.
Armenia has several climbing destinations for an adventurous spirit. The most stunning formation is Armenia’s hexagonal basalt columns. All areas are easily accessible by car and within couple of hours from the capital, Yerevan.

Springtime is the rainy season; autumn and May-June are great times to climb. Climbing in July and August is difficult due to high temperature.
There are certain places in the country where climbing is banned. Basalt columns (Symphony of Stones) is one of these destinations where “Clean Climbing” was acceptable since 2009 - only bolts at the rappel anchors; however, after explorations the climbers association decided to ban even clean climbing to avoid the risk to damage basalt columns.
Below are some of those rock-climbing destinations, identified & prepared with appropriate anchoring:
  • Yerevan suburbs: beneath Davitashen Bridge, amazing cliffs of Hrazdan Gorge
  • Arzni Gorge located not far from Yerevan
  • Symphony of Stones in Garni Gorge Garni Gorge - Symphony of stones
  • Noravank Gorge near to Noravank Monastery in Vayots Dzor 
  • “Devil’s gorge” an amazing deep gorge with carst cliffs
  • Volcanic cliffs while passing by Halidzor & Shinuhayr villages around Tatev
  • Mt. Khustup and many other destinations around.
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