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Hikers.am is an online platform which intends to provide precise and comprehensive information to local and incoming tourists and fellow hikers/mountaineers on potential destinations of adventure tourism in Armenia. The scope of our database covers the most popular destinations for hiking, trekking, walking, skiing & ski touring, jeeping, mountain biking, and animal watching.

The platform also provides information on Natural Monuments of Armenia and Armenian culture heritage including but not limitted to prehistoric archaeological sites, fortresses, monastic complexes, Armenian traditions in food, drink and dances.

Hikers.am is always tuned to give you a hand and organize a safe and impressive trip to Armenia.

We keep developing the platform and form joint cooperation with key players of Armenia's adventure tourism market.

Hikers.am is tuned to match the most reliable resources to your requirements; just insert your requirements and submit a request form via the Tour Wizard. Wishing you an unforgettable time in Armenia. 

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Armenian Monasteries

... unique architectural solutions representing the religious & cultural values of a whole Nation. Find your peace of mind and soul in the monastic complexes.

Armenian Fortresses

The representative of the historical up's and down's of a whole Nation, victories & defeats. [coming soon]


Armenian Dances

The Armenian dance heritage has been considered one of the oldest and most varied in its respective region. 

Armenian Cuisine

Experience an unforgetable taste of the nature, seasoned with love and endless joy.



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